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? Head of State urges CARICOM countries to forge ties, share experiences to combat hunger, poverty, malnutritionPresident Donald Ramotar^Food security must become a Regional imperative and there are more than 50 million of our people in Latin America and the Caribbean who go hungry. This is tragic because we have the capacity within Latin America and the Caribbean, to produce more food than it requires, to feed our people. We must ensure that we translate this potential in a manner that assures

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By Ralph SeeramI do not like to drive my son¨s sport car. First it¨s too fast for me. You touch the accelerator, you think you are driving 40 mph when in reality you are doing 70 mph. Sorry the US does not deal in metric. It¨s a red sports car so it¨s a magnet for traffic cops; the only difference here is the police will never dare solicit a bribe in lieu of giving you a ticket.He or she will be very courteous and hand you your ticket will a smile, and explain your rights to contest it. Anyway b

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???? Health MinisterThe services provided by the Ge orgetown Public Hospital Corporation¨s Medical Outpatient Department are back in full. This is according to Health Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy.Dr. Ramsammy noted that the Department is being housed in the Genito Urinary Medical (GUM) Clinic building,K?nken Ryggs?ck Billigt, which is below the Malaria clinic.The Minister is advising persons who may require the service to visit the department which is back in operation and providing all the serviいた

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Denise Dias is a Special Person The man who had killed her dau ghter had fled the country´but for Denise Dias, the fight had just begun´By Michael JordanAs is often the case with misfortune,Hydro Flask Uk Sale, the tragedy that engulfed Denise Dias came at a time when everything seemed to be perfect in her personal life. She had three healthy children and a loving husband. She was a successful businesswoman.If there was any foreshadowing of things to come,Cheap Jerseys China, it came in a stran g

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